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Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications are generally the best Solution for interoffice applications. They can make use of the very fast office network and are not limited by the constraints of having to fit into a 'Browser' framework

Although there have been vast improvements in the tools available for Web based applications you still cannot beat a Standalone Desktop Application for sheer grunt and flexibility. If the application is to reside on just one computer or is shared between computers in the same office network then it makes a good deal of sense to choose a Desktop application for your solution. The Desktop makes best use of resources and this results in a better and more consistant response time than can be acheived using a Web based application.

In general, the desktop application can be implemented more quickly than the equivalent web application. This will depend, of course, on the particular solution but because of the variety and quantity of tools available it is generally going to be quicker and therefore cheaper to develop the Desktop application.

At Cubic Software we can provide fast, dependable, efficient desktop applications in quick time and at a very reasonable rate.